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Birmingham City Schools Sweep Team Awards in Word Up! Poetry Competition

Our scholars are poets, and they know it!

Birmingham City Schools claimed the top three spots in the recent Word Up! poetry competition presented by FLourish Alabama. First, second, and third place teams won $2,000, $1,000, and $500, respectively. Members of the winning teams also placed within the top 10 individual awards (as noted in parentheses below along with prize winnings).

First Place: Jackson-Olin High School

  • Peyton “Tee” Williams (2nd overall + $750)

  • Greshelda McCants (3rd + $250)

  • Janiah Minnifield (7th + $50)

Second Place: Wenonah High School

  • Maria Marinez (5th + $50)

  • Lukeiyah Johnson

  • Terrel Golightly

  • Walter Wilson

Third Place: A.H. Parker High School

  • Jordan Belser (8th + $50)

  • Sharaia Canady

  • Brooklyn Wilhite

  • Jaliyah Sims

In addition, Nakiya Moore from Parker and Anysja Freeman from Huffman placed 8th and 10th in the individual awards, each taking home $50 in prize winnings.



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