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Jackson-Olin Wins Big at BCS STEM Fair

At the recent BCS High School STEM Fair, the team from P.D. Jackson-Olin High School emerged as the overall winner.

Seven scholars from P.D. Jackson Olin High School placed, including four first place winners. These scholars will now move on to the regional tournament to be held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Individual Results

  1. Shuntanique Coleman and Raymond Palmer, Jackson-Olin

  2. Rhianna Reese, Erica Holt, and Tiera Latham, Wenonah

  1. Joi Littlepage, Wenonah

  2. Kelly Barrera and Cecilia Luna-Gonzalez, Huffman

Environmental and Earth Sciences
  1. DaMia Taylor, Ramsay

  2. Zakiyah Anderson, Huffman

Mathematics and Computer Science
  1. Dabria Moore and Trey Mae, Jackson-Olin

  2. Tarrance Miller, Jackson-Olin

Medicine and Health Sciences
  1. Cameron Orange, Jackson-Olin

  2. Micayla Buchanan, Jackson-Olin

Physical Science and Physics
  1. Alexandria Morris and Issac Simon, Ramsay

  2. Morgan Myricks, Ramsay

Social and Behavioral Sciences
  1. A'Carria Hampton and Caiden Scott, Ramsay

  2. Mariama Diallo and Damaris Nava, Jackson-Olin

Team Results

  1. Jackson-Olin

  2. Ramsay

  3. Wenonah

  4. Huffman

  5. Parker



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